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A new tool for station managers... STR - Smart Turnaround Report


We are excited to introduce our latest application: STR. This tool is specifically designed to streamline turnaround reporting, making it easier than ever before. Airline Station Managers or Supervisors can utilize STR to gather information during operations, generate movement messages, and create impressive turnaround reports that can be shared on the go.


STR - Smart Turnaround Report not only calculates elapsed times for ground and turnaround activities but also manages tasks such as Door Open/Close, Deplaning, Grooming, and more. What's more, all of this can be accomplished without an internet connection, as STR is fully functional offline.

By simply pressing the "Reset" button, users can clear all inputs, excluding the recurring data entered under the "Settings" section.

By now, STR - Smart Turnaround Report is only available for Android devices. You can download it HERE.

STR can be used for free as long as you wish. However, Pro users have the option to submit and store their data in a secure database, accessible for review at any time via the Web. This feature enables users to generate statistics and summaries. Pro Users are required to pay an annual fee of USD 56,00. Special plans tailored for airlines are also available.

STR Web portal

For further information, please feel free to reach out to us at or call +5999 679-9123.